EPM Integration Agent: the hidden treasure in Oracle EPMCloud5Minutes estimated reading time

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Marco Vissers is an EPM expert and specialist in (master) data management with 20+ years of experience. With his technical background and functional experience Marco is the connection between finance and IT. The EPM Integration Agent is a feature within Oracle EPM Cloud that hardly anyone knows about. But once you discover this hidden treasure, you will probably be dancing on your desk cheering. After all, the EPM Integration Agent makes your life a lot easier. And the implementation? Just like that. In mere days, the tool is ready to use.

High time to unwrap and discover this little gift in your EPM suite. What is the EPM Integration Agent and what can you do with it? What are the benefits? And what does it take to get started with it?

The EPM Integration Agent: what is it and what can you do with it?

The EPM Integration Agent is an application to connect local on-premise data sources to your Oracle EPM Cloud. This allows you to easily extract, translate and process (meta)data from these sources into your central system.

Convenience and time savings

Convenience and time savings are the main advantages. In the consolidation process, as well as other processes, data retrieval is usually the most difficult step. The Integration Agent makes that easy, leaving you more time for reporting and analysis. You simply write a query, press the "import" button, and the Integration Agent loads all the requested data directly into Oracle EPM Cloud.

By the way, you can also automate that push button with another tool in the same package: EPM Automate. You then set the Integration Agent to retrieve the local data every night or five times a day, for example.

Less reliance on IT

Another advantage of the EPM Integration Agent: you don't have to burden IT as much. Now you still need IT colleagues to pull the desired data from local sources and create usable files. You then have to manually upload those to the cloud. And yes, that process can be automated with all sorts of tricks, but thanks to the Integration Agent, you no longer need those tricks.

The benefits at a glance

  • Free tool for Oracle EPM Cloud users

  • Short implementation time (a few days at most)

  • Convenience and time savings

  • No more need for IT help to retrieve local data

Getting started with the EPM Integration Agent?

The EPM Integration Agent is free for Oracle EPM Cloud users. It is a feature within the suite. Before you can get started with it, though, you have to implement it. You could do that yourself. But you can also contact Bart & Partners. Then you'll be ready to go in a few days.

An absolute no-brainer, even if I say so myself. For a small investment, you get a high return.