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Upgrade to Hyperion 11.2 and avoid "End-of-life".

Retrieved from January 1, 2022 support on Hyperion will end. No more bug fixes, new features or security updates. Upgrade now to Hyperion 11.2. This can be done relatively quickly, easily and with retention of Premier Oracle Support you can move forward again until at least 2034. But you can also migrate to Oracle EPM Cloud. We will help you make the right choice and implement it.

How? Just ask us!

Ready to go!

For the upgrade to Hyperion 11.2 we have formed a unique partnership with Oracle and Ordina. Together we have developed a "ready to go" platform. This is a blueprint that allows us to execute the Hyperion 11.2 upgrade for virtually any organisation in a fast, scalable and therefore affordable way. Would you rather switch to EPM Cloud?

Through our partnership with Oracle and Ordina, you have single access to all the expertise your migration requires.

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Choice 1

Upgrade to Hyperion 11.2

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The ideal solution if you just want to keep going. The same familiar environment, the same "World Class Technology" and with full Oracle Premier Support until 2034. So you avoid the "end-of-life" corridor of Hyperion 11.2. A limited one-time investment that gives you enough time and peace of mind to prepare your organization for a future EPM solution.

An important advantage is that Hyperion 11.2 is installed by us on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Safe, always available and no need for your own servers.

Want to know more? Just ask.


  • Proven methodology and technology.

  • Fast implementation without hassle with minimal risk.

  • Cost savings of 20 to 40% through unique "ready to go" platform.

  • Installation on OCI: secure, fast, always up and running.

  • Standard backup and recovery procedures.

  • Best-in-class Hyperion support and Oracle Cloud Partner.

  • One contact for all expertise.

  • Peace of mind to determine future EPM strategy.

Ready to Go Branding - 3 Modules

You can choose from 3 modules. The Smart module offers you everything that we have already prepared in the 'ready to go' platform. This is the full upgrade to 11.2 with many options, so you can start working right away. If you want more, you can add options from the Simple module. If your environment is complex and requires customisation, Solid is the best choice. We perform the upgrade on your preferred platform and architecture, exactly the way you want it.

Smart - Ready to Go

Simple - Options

Solid - Custom made

Boost Smart

Boost Simple

Boost Solid

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Choice 2

Migration to EPM Cloud

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EPM Cloud is Oracle's dedicated EPM solution in the cloud. This software runs entirely on Oracle EPM Cloud. Users do not need a complex IT infrastructure or specialized IT staff.

This reduces the costs considerably. Moreover, EPM Cloud is user-based: the customer only pays for what is really needed and used.

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Ready for the future

With Oracle EPM Cloud your organization is ready for the future. Oracle EPM Cloud has been around for 7 years now, and uses the knowledge and experience Oracle gained with Hyperion. However, the migration to EPM Cloud is more extensive than the upgrade to Hyperion 11.2 and therefore involves higher project costs. But then you do have a future-oriented solution that we can fully implement according to your wishes and objectives.

Want to know more about the migration to Oracle EPM Cloud?

"We chose Oracle EPM Cloud because of the industry-leading offering, improved performance, security and regular updates that Oracle adds to our planning and budgeting. It was also important for a smooth transition from Oracle's Hyperion solution that we had been using on-premises for ten years."

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