How do you stay yourself in the daily hectic? How do you lead your organization to sustainable growth?
How do you take that one right crucial decision? And, how does this make you happy?

Get the best out of yourself and your business

You know everything about your company, product, market, figures and processes. You have good people around you.
Yet there are subjects that you would rather discuss with an independent third party. Someone who is your sounding board and can help you focus on business and personal matters and gain new insights. Someone with whom you can spar about your questions, doubts and ambitions. Someone with whom you can just be yourself

Are you looking for such a sparring partner? Then you have found him. Pleased to meet you.

Just call me Bart.


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Sparring partner

It is my passion to develop people and companies.
To give you insight into yourself, to motivate, inspire and empower you. My style is open, clear, involved, direct,
sometimes confronting, but always with integrity and focused on the content and your goals.

I have extensive experience in management and executive positions in international companies. My personal and business experiences have given me many insights.I am happy to put this knowledge and experience to workfor you at

Together, we talk about what choices you can and sometimes must make. About how to make it last. But also about what is really important in life.

Getting acquainted? Email me and I'll get back to you.

If you're yourself, you're really good!

Want to know if I'm the right sparring partner for you?
Then read on here...

I meet them once in a while. People in the business world who are sincerely themselves and authenti, and who deal with others and their environment on the basis of that individuality. I have faith in them and in the companies they run. Because they really believe in who they are and what they do.

But how do you stay yourself in the daily hectic business world, where you constantly have to make choices to find the right answers or direction for yourself, your people and organisation? This is where I help you.

My passion and strength lies in developing people and companies. In my career, I have been responsible for international companies in various positions at board and executive level. I have seen and travelled a lot for this. I have started up companies, reorganised them, built them up and finished them, and I have made people and organisations grow.

Due to the variety of my activities in different countries, I understand the different cultures of international companies and know what it takes to motivate people and make plans succeed. After years of successfully managing companies, it is now time to help professionals and companies to realise their plans.

Together with Bart van Velzen, I founded Bart & Partners. We focus on improving the performance of people and companies. Each from their own perspective. With both feet firmly on the ground and our feet in the clay.

Furthermore, I am the father of three wonderful children and have a lovely wife. I have overcome a serious illness. I have made my own choices and have also experienced that choices have been made for me. All my personal and business experiences have taught me a lot and given me insights. I would like to use this knowledge and experience for you.

I can help you. By sparring with each other, I give you insight into yourself, your company, strategy and the choices you can and sometimes must make, both professionally and personally. We think about different options and discuss other insights and possible consequences, so that you can clearly see your choices and the process before you and can make the right decisions. You are happy to take responsibility for these well-founded decisions. In this way, you stay true to yourself and you stand in your power.

Not only does this make you happy, it also has a positive influence on everything and everyone around you.

Getting acquainted?

Email me and I'll get back to you.

We can meet online or at a place where you feel comfortable.

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Getting acquainted?

Email me and I'll get back to you.

We can meet online or at a place where you feel comfortable.